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Home Watch Services

All Motu Home Watch clients have two things in common:

• They are away from their coastal property, leaving it vacant for extended periods of time;

• They entrust Motu with this most valuable asset.

The primary service at Motu Home Watch is to perform regular (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) thorough interior and exterior inspections of the property. We look for existing or potential problems such as security breaches, pest infestations, water intrusion, and much more. We email a confirmation of the inspection, along with a brief description of any issues discovered, as well as photos of your precious property.

Concierge Services

All clients have access to our extensive list of Concierge Services. These range from common maintenance tasks, to contactor coordination and supervision.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Motu Home Watch Services, please send us an email with a description and location of your property, service needs and any questions you have. We will respond quickly. EMAIL MOTU.