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For your convenience, we’re providing answers to a few of the questions most frequently asked by new clients. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, or if you’d like to speak with a Motu representative about your unique watch inspection or concierge needs, please call 949.220.3355 or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and send us a note.

Q. Is Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services a security company?

A. No, but we do provide additional peace of mind above and beyond a traditional security/surveillance system and company. Few, if any, of those visually inspect your property to assess condition or to look for problems that exist or issues that could become costly problems if not remedied quickly. And even if your security system includes sophisticated moisture, temperature and/or motion sensors, there’s a good chance that a costly incident can occur before you ever know about it. Our regular inspections provide the opportunity to ‘prevent’ not just react to a problem that already exists.

Q. Does my property need to be an ‘estate’ or my boat a ‘yacht’ to qualify for your services?

A. No! You’ll receive the same high level of professionalism, respect, thoroughness and care regardless of the value or size of your property or vessel.

Q. How do I know I can trust you inside my home, or aboard my boat?

A. All representatives of Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services are thoroughly screened and assessed as honest, honorable, reliable and of impeccable integrity. And all of our people must abide by a strict Code of Conduct.

Q. Will the same person perform each watch service inspection for me?

A. Our goal is to have one person dedicated to your account. That way they can build familiarity with your property and your typical needs; therefore serving you better and more efficiently.

Q. Do your hourly rates include drive time to and from my home or boat?

A. In almost all cases, no. Our watch services are typically set prices based upon the number of visits/inspections we make per month. But where hourly rates do apply, our billable time begins when we arrive at your property and ends when we depart. The only exceptions may be special circumstances concierge services, or travel distances outside of our service areas.

Q. Do you offer special pricing if I contract your watch service for both my home and my yacht?

A. Yes. Our intent is always to provide the best package of services to meet your unique needs.

Q. What if I just need someone to do a quick exterior visual of my property or boat once in a while? Does Motu provide an alternative to a full interior/exterior watch inspection service?

A. Yes. While we consider our services to be of exceptional value for the price, we understand that some clients ‘on a tighter budget’ are satisfied with a basic exterior visual inspection of their property or boat. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Q. What communities within South Orange County do you serve?

A. The Laguna Niguel-based office of Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services routinely services clients in Dana Point/Monarch Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and other select communities in south Orange County. We currently serve boats in Dana Point Harbor and Newport Harbor. If your location is not listed here, please contact us as we are growing and expanding territories at a rapid rate.

Q. If, during a watch inspection a problem is discovered requiring repair services, do you hire your own contractors?

A. We always document and photograph any problems or issues that are discovered during a watch inspection; including descriptions and the photos in the inspection report that gets emailed to the client at the conclusion of an inspection. And we routinely take care of small issues—things like depleted smoke detector batteries in homes or loose dock lines on boats. If a situation is deemed to require the immediate attention of a skilled contractor, we call the client or their designated contact person. We then determine if the client has a preferred contractor they want to engage to resolve the problem. If not, we will recommend a contractor from our screened network. In almost all instances, we will request that the contractor bill the client directly. And, of course, we provide a Contractor Access & Supervision service wherein we manage the repair process from scheduling and meeting the contractor at the property or vessel, to onsite presence during the repair, to locking up and securing things after their departure.

Q. Are you hiring?

A. That depends. We are always looking for qualified candidates in coastal areas not currently served by Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services. Candidates must be willing to undergo background checks, drug testing, reference checks and, potentially, other forms of vetting to demonstrate required characteristics: honesty, honorableness, reliability and impeccable integrity. And, of course, they must know their way around dwelling and vessel components, systems, materials, etc.; and understand basic maintenance and repair regimens (not necessarily to perform these themselves, but to direct contractors who specialize in specific home and yacht maintenance and repair disciplines).

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the home and yacht watch business, use our contact form to let us know. And be sure to indicate what coastal community you are located in.

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