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Motu's Long-Term Rental Property Services
A better way to keep tabs on the status and condition of your long-term rental properties.

As the owner of one or more long-term rental properties, you likely dread the lease end when the property changes over to a new tenant. Discovering the current condition of your valuable asset after months or years can often come with unpleasant surprises.

Motu’s Rental Asset Watch Program is designed to reduce the likelihood of costly surprises; while providing the opportunity to identify issues that could become expensive problems if not addressed promptly.

Regular 3rd Party Inspections

Guidelines that allow a landlord to enter a rental unit vary from state to state; but most states do permit a landlord to enter a unit to make repairs or to inspect the property. These are tasks, however, that most rental property owners would gladly delegate to someone else.

Long-term rental

When you enlist Motu’s Rental Asset Watch Program, our trained and vetted professionals will perform our thorough home watch exterior and interior inspection on a quarterly basis. You simply advise your tenants—at the time of signing the lease, or at start of service—that you have contracted a rental asset watch program as a means of ‘protecting your investment’. We then contact your tenant directly to schedule a date and time convenient to them for us to complete the inspection. Depending upon the square footage of the structure, we typically require less than 30 minutes to inspect the interior, therefore limiting the inconvenience to your tenant.

Comprehensive Reporting

Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services employs one of the most comprehensive checklists in the home watch industry, covering dozens of exterior and interior items and conditions. And at the completion of a Rental Asset Watch inspection, a thorough report is emailed to you that includes categorized checklists, an arrival photo and additional photos of conditions deemed problematic or noteworthy. Of course you are notified immediately by phone if a serious problem is found and/or an immediate repair is deemed to be required.


Identifying one serious issue before it becomes an expensive problem can easily more than pay for a year’s worth of inspections. Call today to find out just how affordable Motu’s Rental Asset Watch Program can be.

Enjoy Additional Peace of Mind

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