Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services

Our Promises to You

We understand the emotional and practical concerns of allowing someone into your personal dwelling or aboard your vessel when you are not present. So, to demonstrate how highly we value the trust and confidence that you place in us when allowing us onto your estate or yacht, we make you the following promises:

WE WILL Earn and Retain Your Trust

All representatives of Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services are thoroughly screened and assessed as honest, honorable, reliable and of impeccable integrity. And all of our people must abide by a strict Code of Conduct:

Motu Code of Conduct:

• Always be respectful and professional toward clients and their property

• Never enter any rooms or areas deemed by a client to be restricted or otherwise
off limits

• Never open any drawers, cabinets or cupboards unless necessary to assess an
immediate problem

• Never bring along another person onto client property who is not a Motu employee,
representative or client-approved contractor

• Never remain on client property or vessel longer than required to perform
contracted services

• Never make use of client’s telephone unless for the purpose of dialing 911 due to
an immediate emergency

• Never make use of client’s pool, spa or other recreational facilities or equipment;
even if invited to do so

WE WILL be Discrete and Confidential

An important aspect of our code of respectfulness is respect for your privacy. We do not divulge client names, addresses or other information unless there is a need to do so brought on by a specific request from you to manage a third-party contractor, service, delivery or similar task. And even then, only the minimal amount of information is provided in order to complete such tasks.

Additionally, the necessary information within your profile remains secure within our internal system; and all keys, fobs or other access items remain locked up and are signed out and back in by a Motu supervisor.

WE WILL Maintain a Zero Tolerance Policy

We maintain a zero tolerance policy toward illegal drug use and possession for all of our employees and contractors.

We maintain a zero tolerance policy toward misuse or theft of client property regardless of value.

We maintain a zero tolerance policy toward misuse of clients’ confidential information.

Enjoy Additional Peace of Mind
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